Renovation Diary: 30th July, 2021

A little bit of everything this week from our volunteer warriors. The front wall has been painted and a new brick flower bed is under construction for Bez and other green fingered enthusiasts.

Re-pointing the front wall
John re-pointing the front wall
Front wall re-pointed and whitewashed
Flower beds at the front of the wall
Power team - John and Big Alan
Lads happy with their work
Mixing cement for the front wall

Work to patch the roof around the chimney continues when the weather permits.

More reflashing on the roof
Professional job at blending in the new flashing
And then capped off good for another hundred years or so

At ground level work to enhance the tables in The Courtyard is already improving the visitor experience.

Making the new bobbin table top
Cutting to make a perfect circle
The finished item - wow

Indoors work to repair the door frame and lintels where the dry rot has been removed is nearing completion.

Area looks more like a bomb site at the moment
Widening the door
Ian and Trevor working on the door lintel
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards