Renovations Diary: 6th December, 2019

It's been a very busy couple of weeks for the volunteers and our business sponsors.

The main office has had a lot of work done to it: now insulated and plumbing work sorted out too so that we can fireboard and plaster it by the end of this week. Security is all connected up and now running too. So the bar team will be able to fully move in next week!

With a local resident's support, Evolution Roofing has been coming in to make The Stables water tight (and evict the pigeons too!). A huge thanks as this really supports our Winter Fayre activities.

One of our chimneys has now been reduced in height for safety reasons. Peter our professional builder and his staff undertook this work for us as it was outside the capabilities of the volunteers.

Finally the roof on the covered area has been repaired with new corrugated metal. This will allow the Winter Fayre to use this area without fear of getting damp!.

Roof over stables being fixed

Team still working on repairing the slates

John removing damaged lean-to roof

Lying on ladder removing old aluminium roof

Chimney stack reduced in height

Materials removed scattered around what is left of the chimney

Debris from the chimney reduction

Bricks, mortar and dust came down the chimney into the pub

Lexie is already waiting for Santa

Preparations for the Winter Fayre under way

Jeff finalising pumbing in office

A lot of the pipework going upstairs traverses through the office

Beautifully newly covered seat

Swan material has been used to recover an old seat

Slates repaired, old guttering removed

On the roof of the stables

John fixing down new roofing

New aluminium panels on the lean-to roof

Debris ready to be removed

Old, dangerous brickwork had to be taken to ground level by hand

Bes came to rescue to clear-up

Pub was covered in dust which had to be cleaned before opening

Tidying-up the Coach House

Removing unused stuff into the disused bedrooms in the pub

Tony fixing wall batons

Ready for insulation and then fireboarding

Not just one!!!

Newly covered chairs around a table

Pigeons have been evicted

Pigeons standing forlornly on the repaired roof, can't get in now

Good job John!

John was a happy bunny when he had finished the lean-to roof repairs

Ready for capping

Chimney being readied for sealing

Clean-up in progress

So much dust and debris came down the chimney

Mulled cider stall readied

Re-using the temporary bar from the summer

Insulating the external wall

More Celotex insulation being installed

Yup - it's high up there!

View rom ground level of the team working to reduce the chimney height
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards