Renovations Diary: 19th July, 2019

Considerable work was done this week in the ladies loo to get it ready for the opening. It was one of the "must have's to allow us to open. Pete and Tony took the lead supported by Scott the Plumber and the volunteers.

Plumbing installed

Water and waste plumbing installed

Heating installed

Wall mounted radiator added

New wall plastered (RHS) and floor laid

Starting to look good

Marilyn got involved in the painting

Our project manager even got involved painting

Door frames readied

All the sext bits round the door frames added

Pete the Builder laying the tiles

All the sext bits round the door frames added

Preparing the vanity unit

Bought cheaply on eBay

Door removed readied for final bricking

External door at ladies toilet eventually removed

Tony cutting the fiddly bits

Cutting the small difficult pieces

Toilet ready for Saturday's opening

Still needs touched up but will do for now

Whilst the building team focussed on the ladies toilet, the volunteers were working on the plasterboarding and to allow the plastering team to do their stuff. There was a lot to do and there was some long evenings to try and get the ceiling and pillars done. Still a lot to do after the opening but a huge step forward.

Pink plasterboard is fire retardant

Pillars and steel all wrapped up

First fixing by sparkies completed

Lots of wires hanging from the ceiling

The plastering team

Three of the professional team

Richard from #3 taping up

COne of the neighbours late one evening

Complex board sorted out by the team

Needed dot and dab as well as screwing in

The pub was sectioned into workable areas

Ian plastering the ceiling on front left

Steels being wrapped up

Every board is individuall measured and cut

Getting there with the boarding

Volunteers worked late this week

First skim done

Real team work from the guys

Drying ceiling plaster

Reason to celebrate, section of ceiling complete

Stuart, owner of the plastering company

Cutting the small difficult pieces

New boards often needed support

Supports stop the boards slipping down

Every board was individual cut

Particularly difficult bit

Ian our volunteer plasterer

Cutting the small difficult pieces

Looking good

Drying plaster

John and Graham got stuck into the alcove door which Richard D had opened up. This allowed the removal of a door that was essentially never used and took up a lot of space. This will be receiving insulated fireboard before being plastered and finished with a benchseat.

John bricking up the alcove door

Needs to be toothed in so takes time

Graham was the other half of the team

Trying to do it in a day due to weather forecast

Almost finished

All in one day

Other work was done to make the pub and courtyard attractive.

Hiding the building materials

Old doors were used to create a barrier

Miranda painting the signs

Re-using the old signs by making them more attractive

Team planting up the flowers

Flowers are essential to give colour and make the place attractive

John painting "Riverbank Green"

One of the five Swan colours
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards