Renovations Diary: 12th July, 2019

After getting the go ahead from the building inspector, the priority was to get the steels and pillars prepared and then plasterboarded. There was a lot to do and took both the building team and a lot of volunteers. Pete was a star and was patient with lots of questions about what and how to do it.

The two doors that will be removed needed prepared. This involved the process of "toothing out" the existing brickwork so that the new bricks could tie in and provide strength. This is the first, and possibly hardest, task as the guys had to be careful not break any existing brickwork.

Frank the electrician is nearly finished his "first fixings" for the bar area. This means most of the cables have been put in place but are not yet connected up. There are miles and miles of cables that have now been installed covering lighting, security, fire, audio, video, safety, etc

In the background Scott the plumber has been working away. He has been hidden in the cellar for part of the time putting supplies and getting ready for the bar to be put in. He has also been putting in the supply for the school room for the small kitchen area.

Noggins added and boarding started

The calm before the storm

Alan covering up one of the steels

By screwing the board to the wooden noggins

Progress! Slowly getting there

Each board is individually cut

Jim toothing out ladies loo door

The door will be removed

Lino Len levelling the cellar floor

Make it look easy ... but its not

Preparing steels for being boarded up

Pete the builder with quite a fw volunteers

Ian about to screw board up

Using supports to allow him to doit alone

Frank the sparky in the background

Electricians and volunteers working in same area

Richard D toothing out alcove door

Door will be removed next week

Skip #7 on its way

Great support from Simpsons with the skips

High concentration levels

Making sure we do it properly

Bosco still looking cool

One of the weekday warriors

Gents toilet floor was levelled

Trenches filled with concrete and self-leveler applier

The paint stripper really working hard

Huge lump of paint removed in one go

And the school room still progresses

Guys work on it very quietly
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards