Renovations Diary: 8th March, 2019

Rotten window sill Brazier is being used to burn worst of the rotten wood Rest of the floor being ripped up Scaffolding is now up Rubbish is the kichen side room Skip being dropped off No cars in front of the pub - looking not bad but inside is another situation
The long room has been washed down Down to the original footings in the bar Chimney is leaning, will be cut down later Lots of ivy/vine in the roof space Plans for the building Sootbusters were back for the chimneys
The main builder- Pete Marilyn with one of Pete's dogs Scaffolding going up Rafters are rotten in the bar Rafters needing replaced Cleaning rot from under the stairs Bar floor is now footings and mud Start of the footings for the new steels going in
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards