Renovations Diary: 8th March, 2019

Using the excellent work that was done last Saturday as a launch pad, the team have really got stuck in during the week. The most obvious sign of that is the erection of the scaffolding - this will make a big difference as we can work on the brickwork/mortar, windows, gutters and down pipes. Also the roofers can look at our needs.

You might not recognise the bar floor now. Why? Well there is none! The team have removed all the rotten floor boards and joists. Once the building has dried out a bit more, then new timbers will be going down.

David, our structural engineer, was in during the week looking at the bar area and what is possible. He is now off drawing up plans to be presented early next week. This will the enable us to decide what we can do with the space.

Len, from Lino Len's met the team and will be sorting us out with all our flooring and carpet needs. He had his engagement party in 1969 at The Swan so has a big affinity for the pub.

Peter, Matt and Ian were busy with the new roof on the laundry room - the first coat of fibreglass was done on Thursday.

As all the gentlemen would know, the gents toilet needed some serious attention. The roof was rotten and letting in water. It needs some serious investment with time and money. The team have been tackling it this week and basically removing the roof completely. It will be replaced by a fibre glass roof similar to the laundry room. The reason for replacement is quite obvious from this photo. I believe that the technical term is: 'Its infested with creepy crawlies' so it really needed to go.

Rotten window sill Brazier is being used to burn worst of the rotten wood Rest of the floor being ripped up Scaffolding is now up Rubbish is the kichen side room Skip being dropped off No cars in front of the pub - looking not bad but inside is another situation
The long room has been washed down Down to the original footings in the bar Chimney is leaning, will be cut down later Lots of ivy/vine in the roof space Plans for the building Sootbusters were back for the chimneys
The main builder- Pete Marilyn with one of Pete's dogs Scaffolding going up Rafters are rotten in the bar Rafters needing replaced Cleaning rot from under the stairs Bar floor is now footings and mud Start of the footings for the new steels going in
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards