Renovations Diary: 1st March, 2019

No real change on the outside of the pub - yet More demolition work going on inside the pub Nice wall cleaned up, plaster still to be removed from the adjoining wall Ceiling not looking great - to be removed eventually View from side door into the pub - floor looks rotten Damp apparent in the long room upstairs Ceiling has been removed from the office
View of the side of the pub Ladder against a wall to allow removal of plaster on a lintel Plaster between radiators has been removed, radiatorsto go too Sootbusters were in cleaning the chimneys Anthony Birch pulling down the ceiling in the office The Courtyard looks bare - watch this space over the coming weeks The Satable roof needs urgent repair
Had to rope off areas in the bar without floorbaords Long shot showing where bar used to be - floor boards up, rafters looking rotten The Birches Pub drying out a bit The old sign outside the pub, now being re-used Rubble has come down the chmney whilst being cleaned
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards