R&A Good Cheer Award 2021

The Magazine

The R&A is a magazine that is freely delivered to people's homes. It has a range of interesting articles about local businesses, communities, charties and events that would be of interest to the readership. R&A asked their readership to share with them those who deserved recognition and thanks and have truly brought 'good cheer' to us as we've come together. With a lot of local support for which we are very appreciative for, The Swan won the overall winner for 2021.

Award Presentation

On Monday 22nd May, the team from R&A visited The Swan. During this, they presented some of our team with the Good Cheer Award. They also partook in a tour of The Swan not only seeing The Bar, but the students in The School House, the renovations ongoing in The Kitchen, and the new IT Suite.

Some of the team at the presentation in front of The Coach House More of the team indoors and masked-up
Peter Clifford who did the majority of the submission Richard Allen, one of the directors, with the trophy
Micky, the new pub manager, with the trophy The R&A team during the tour

See The R&A Magazine

We are pleased to say that the magazine did a very nice annoucement and short article about The Swan as the Overall Winner. They managed to capture the essence of our community spirit and the way The Swan works as a pub, a school and a community hub.

The quick announcement was made online:

With a more indepth article in their magazine for that month:

The June edition had even more to say about us! You can read it here:

The Friends Of The Swan

Here are some of the team that were involved in the award application and ongoing renovation work who came down to celebrate the achievement. They were joined by some of the local community. There are many more involved and also the whole local community too who have helped making The Swan a very special place. We must have a special thanks to our Bar Staff who have shown amazing adaptability throughout the last couple of years especially through all the Covid changes.

The Friends of The Swan
Micky and Connor

Other Photos

Anne Tebbatt Richard & Ken Dawn, Bes and Peter
Dawn, Diana & Bas Payne-Lowe family Richard Allen clowning about
Ian Birch Micky and Richard Tony Cross