Events Diary: GBPA

Voting is closed and we are waiting for the 24th to find out how we have got on. The team from the Great British Pub Award (GBPA) sent a camera team down to interview some of those involved in Keeping The COmmunity Entertained and of the wider pub and school.

Renee, our first customer last July and an avid Bingo player.

Renee, our first customer
Renee being interviewed Joking after the filming was complete

Anne from The The Friends of The Swan was doing all the linkage.

Anne being interviewed Anne in The Courtyard
Discussing who is up next

Rachel Reads, Family Friends and Plastic Free Windsor were all interviewed.

Rachel Cross who does Rachel Reads for kids
Family Friends
Plastic Free Windsor

Chris from Dublicious, Bas & Diana and Tony from the Weekday Warriors too.

Chris from Dublicious
Bas and Diana
Tony Cross from the Weekday Warriors

After being interviewed, Richard Allen went walkabout in The School House and IT Suite.

Richard in The Barr being interviewed
Richard being interviewed in The School House

These are some of the people waiting to be interviewed. Also the extras too!

Renee and her daughter, Trudy
The Friends of The Swan
The lads waiting for the shout

A huge thanks to Doug Seeburg for taking these photos.

Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards