Events Diary: XMas Decorations

A great Sunday afternoon of fun for The Kids of The Swan. We had a craft afternoon led by Rachel. The idea was to make Christmas decorations for Christmas trees at The Swan and at home too. And without any of the mess at home either!

The Coach House was full of salt dough Christmas decorations, paints, glitters et al which the kids could do with as they pleased. Once they dried, when allowed we hung them on the tree. Hot chocolate and soft drinks were available from the bar, to keep the workers refreshed.

As you can see from the photos, the kids did a fantastic job! Their colourful creations have adorned our Christmas tree, and hopefully some at home too. There are no two that are alike which makes our tree totally unique. Lovely!

Goodies for sale Mum and young daughter painting Another Mum and young daughter paintingg Selection of excellently finished decorations Swan at the top of the Christmas trees A beautiful star decoration A lovely heart decoration The Courtyard Christmas tree
Salt dough decorations being prepared A boy painting some decorations Dad in background watching his daughter painting More goodies for sale towards Swan restoration funds Selection of fabulous painted decorations And more lovely decorations Family playing board games Dads and Sons playing board games Christmas decorations in the pub Lovely painted heart shape on the tree
Decorations in the oven Happy family painting away Parents watching on inside the Coach House Two young girls painting some decorations Dad and son doing some colouring in Mum and daughter hard at it Some beautiful decorations ready to be hung A tree decoration on the tree A painted snowman hanging on the tree The fully decorated Christmas tree
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards