Events Diary: Swan Book Club

New for The Swan - a book club. This inaugral meeting was run by Theresa Rooney, one of the volunteers. She wanted to get together with likeminded people and share a love of books.

They picked their favourite book, described it, and what it meant to them. It was informal and relaxed. All really enjoyed it and there are hopes of running another meeting soon. Watch out for it on the events page.

In the courtyard

Wrapped up warm

Cakes were supplied

And eaten

Theresa explaining the concept

Easy when people loved books

Dogs are welcome too

Sitting on owners lap looking at the cake

Theresa welcoming people

Opening remarks to the 20 people or so

Adrian with his book

Sharing his thoughts about it

General chit-chat too

Whilst getting drinks and cakes sorted out

Adrian in full swing

Obviously really love the book

Tables were joined together

As there were so many people attending


Basing served

Please can I have some cake

Old chocolate brown dog looking whistfully
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards