Events Diary: Demolition & Stripping

On Saturday 2nd March,the local community turned out again in large numbers to help with the renovation of The Swan. Apart rfom being able to see progress so far, the team stripped wallpaper in the B&B rooms, lifted the vinyl the kitchen, and removed the last of the plaster in the bar area.

The selcoming committ with a huge smile! Demolition work has started within the main bar area Demoolition work was out into the corridor too Three volunteers smiling - well presumed as wearing masks The main bar has gone completely Work has started lifting the rotten floor boards
People collecting PPE Work teams being formed in the main bar Removing old pipework and wiring in the corridor Stripping the bedroom walls Walls in the bar without plaster now Floor boards to the right of the bar have been removed too
Lexie shouting out the instructions One of the volunetters carrying rotten timber out The main hall has had interior partitions removed Scarping the stairs up to the first floor Ceiling looks like it will be next in the bar area The for sale sign has been removed

Thanks to Doug Seeburg for many of these photos.

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