Events Diary: Site Clearance

Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th February, 2019 at The Swan. Teams of volunteers started the clear-up and renovation of The Swan. This involved clearing out the bar, kitchen, B&B and the outbuildings. The weekend was a complete success and we exceeded all expectations. Huge thanks to all who participated.

Lexie giving the safety briefing to the volunteers Huge pile of rubbish in the courtyard And the pile of rubbish keeps growing Platformed glitter shoes being worn by Kate Will behind the old bar Richard with ome of the volunteers Clearing in the main bar area Removing the bar
Carole Meakin, the old land lady of The Swan Loading up the truck with some of the rubbish Carboard cut-out of a lady in a bikini Lifting up the raised decking area Not much of the bar left now The pile of rubbish is starting to go down How many Chrsitmas trees do you need?
Piling up the rubbish in the courtyard Matress, beds, old furniture ... all of it is to go Amazing what you find ... sexy shoes Signing up for the afternoon session Tackling the virginia creeper on the side of the pub Removing the top off the bar The truck is full of rubbish ... again

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As you can see, we still have need for supplies and help; can you help?.

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