The Swan

Quiz Night Photos

You can also find photos on our Online Events page too when we moved online during Covid Lockdown.

Photos from 13th July, 2022

It was a bit warm as we were in the middle of a heatwave: temperatures were into the thirties during the day, mid-twenties at night. The Mushrooms won the quiz and the bar token, and The Dead Worthy Winners! won the Quiz Jackpot on the lucky draw. Congratulations to all.

A busy Courtyard
Drawing the Lucky Jackpot
Kacpot Winners: The Dead Worthy Winners!
Quiz Winners: The Mushrooms

Photos from 23rd June, 2022

Congratulations to our quiz winners 'The Milky Bar Kids' who prevailed in a closely fought competition this week. Here is them receiving their £25 Swan Bar Card. Also, congratulations to our raffle winner (apologies for not getting your name) - we hope you enjoyed your prize packet of crisps. The jackpot now rolls over to £30 at the next quiz on Wed 13 Jul.

Quizzers hard at it Quiz Master Martin
More quizzers pondering the answer Table of Lady Quizzers looking happy
Peter who had gathered the money also played the quiz The Milky Bar Kids - Izzy and John

Photos from 13th April, 2022

Congratulations to our newest quiz winner 'Unexpected item in the bagging area', otherwise known as David who won in his team of one! Our jackpot raffle winner David won a free pint of beer. As the main jackpot was not won this time it rolls over to a £30 prize for our next quiz on Wed 27 Apr.

David of Unexpected item in the bagging area
Jackpot draw, opening the selected envelope

Photos from 23rd March, 2022

It was great to see so many quizzers deep in thought as Micky posed the questions set by Martin. Congratulations to team winners 'Spring Like Swans'. Congratulations also to Tom who won the raffle prize but didn't claim the cash jackpot. This will now rollover until the next quiz on Wed 13 Apr.

A busy Coach House
A busy Bar
A pensive team in The Bar just before the start

The winners
One of the teams filling in the answers ... they hope
Wildcat Willie, well know to all
Table enjoying themselves

Photos from 9th March, 2022

Congratulations to '3 is the Magic Number' (no photos please) who were winners again in this week's quiz. In true show must go on style we were grateful to Peter Clifford who stood in when our usual quiz master, and his nominated understudy were both unavailable.

Our (stand-in) quizmaster Peter Clifford
Quizzers in the pub 53 people took part, this is some of them

Photos from 23rd February, 2022

With Quiz questions on Flowers, Fives, Firsts, Films and February it was perhaps a surprise that we didn't have a Five Way tie for the winners. '3 Is The Magic Number' won after a tiebreak as they knew the total mileage of the M25. Better luck next time to those who made it to the medal podium, and all those who took part. We go again on Wed 9th March.

Our quizmaster Martin in full flow
Pub was filled with quizzers The winners - 3 Is The Magic Number
Close up of Martin

Photos from 9th February, 2022

The Swan's quiz night goes from strength to strength with 13 teams battling out a closely-fought contest this week. It needed a tie-break between the top 3 teams to settle it - with The Rogues eventually coming out on top. Led by our resident quizmaster Martin Payne, The Swan quiz takes place on the second & fourth Wednesdays of every month.

The bar was busy with a lot of full tables of quizzers On of the big tables at the front full of people
Lots of people laughing The lights in the pub had been dimmed so photos are very dark
The eventual winners - The Rogues

Photos from 26th January, 2022

Our Quiz winners this week were the nattily named 'Impeach Boris Still', with an amazing 44 points. It was a really nice busy atmosphere in The Pub and The Coach House. We also raised over fifty pounds towards the restoration funds too.

Previous winners in The Bar
The winners out in The Coach House

Photos from 12th January, 2022

Congratulations to The Interminables who were worthy winners of the quiz this week, winning a Swan Bar Card to the value of £25 to enjoy at their leisure. The next quiz will be on Wed 26 Jan at 7:30.

Martin Payne at the helm - our quiz master extrordinaire
Family team enjoying themselves in the bay window A lot of debate going on in the two tables that are in this picture
Thinking hats and serious faces are on for this table Looks like this table dont want to share their answers with anyone
A team of two looking very confident - or is just laughing at how they are doing The winners - The Interminables

Photos from 22nd December, 2021

Congratulations to The Seasonal Swans who won the final Swan Quiz of 2021. Just reward for their bravery in sitting outside. Martin will return with his testing array of questions on Wed 12 Jan 2022.

A table of quizzers listening intently to the questions
Another table sitting beside the fireplace
The winners - the seasonal swans

Photos from 13th October, 2021

Winners ‘Haven’t a Clewer’….. clearly had a clue winning with 43 points! Special mention to The Underwater Cycling Club for the most imaginative name and three teams named after their dogs (who were also present!).

The winners - Haven't a Clewer
Inside the pub was really busy
Can you see 73 combatants? ... sorry quizzers
All deep in thought due to Matin's excellent questions

Photos from 22nd September, 2021

A team of four look like they are praying for the correct answer The winners
Deep in thought, must have been a difficult question A happy table with confidence oozing out of every pore
Regulars and newbies were seen tonight Inside was busy, all tables were taken
Players were out in The Courtyard too Someone wasn't that impressed - a dog sleeping

Photos from 8th September, 2021

The winners - Enemies of the People - out in The Courtyard The Courtyard full of quizzers
Inside The Bar My head hurst - Tony pinching his nose with eyes closed
Even a dog waqs getting in on the act In The Courtyard it got quite dark as the quiz progressed
In The Coach House Again back out in The Courtyard

Photos from 25th August, 2021

Martin Payne, our quiz master
Inside The Bar Inside The Coach House
In The Courtyard Bloke waiting for the rest of his team
At the bar The winners - Hettis Heroes

Photos from 11th August, 2021

In THe Courtyard
The winners 4-play, the runners-up on a tie break
In the Courtyard
Busy in The Coach House

Photos from 28th July, 2021

In THe Courtyard In THe Courtyard
In The Bar In The Bar
In the cow shed In the cow shed

Photos from 14th July, 2021

In THe Courtyard
In The Bar
In the cow shed
In The Coach House

Photos from 30th September, 2020

Young couple playing the quiz
The winners - The Soggy Swans Table of players inside the bar
Regular quizzers insie the bar Cheers! Lads having a beer and doing the quiz
In The Coach House Happy smiley faces

Photos from 16th September, 2020

Team enjoying the quiz and cheap lager
The pub was quite busy
The Bar Staff

Photos from 2nd September, 2020

Being presented with his prize Being presented with his prize
Happy team of five having won a prize in the raffle Being presented with his prize
Photo of the winning team Being presented with his prize

Photos from 19th February 2020

Being presented with his prize Being presented with his prize
Happy team of five having won a prize in the raffle Being presented with his prize
Photo of the winning team Being presented with his prize

Photos from 18th December 2019

The raffle jackpot winner

Being presented with his prize

Hard at it

Down in the main bar area

The raffle winners

Happy team of five having won a prize in the raffle

Lots of thinking going on

Dancing out in the rain

The Bacon Bappers win again

Photo of the winning team

Quiz teams in The School Room

Teams were upstairs too