Renovation Diary: 18th March, 2022

The Kitchen gets ever closer to the finish line. Sincere thanks to everyone involved with a special shout to 'young' Terry who braved the rain on Thu to sweep The Courtyard before continuing to tidy up inside. Thanks also to Simon from Windsor Joinery who delivered and installed the glass in the third and final Kitchen window.

Tony fixing electrics in The Cold Room John groutign in The Kitchn The Warriors working on the intenlall ceiling
Thomas fireboarding in the hallway John grouting in The Cold Room Ian puting battens in the steelwork in The Kitchen
Fitting pipework in The Cold Room Sealing aroung the new window in The Kitchen Tony preparing hole for an intake fan
Thomas measuring up fireboard ready for cutting Tidying up the floor Fitting the third and final window for The Kitchen
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards