Renovations Diary: 18th December, 2020

Undaunted by the weather our Weekday Warriors have been hard at it again. Hard hats were definitely needed as they tackled more heavy demolition as work to prepare the kitchen area continues.

Whilst we still have a long way to go before we can have an indoor kitchen our intrepid Warriors are bringing that day ever closer.

And whilst the Weekday Warriors were working, the Bar Staff were trying out the new food van. This will hopefully allow us to offer simple, cost effective meals that meet the Covid Tier requirements.

The food van has arrived Guys looking to remove the old cenrtal wooden pillar The Weekday Warriors in the kitchen
Bar Staff learning how to use the cooking facilities in the food van Going, going .... central post being taken down in the kitchen
Acrow props have been installed to keep the ceiling secure Acrow props in front of the fireplace in the kitchen ... the fireplace goes next week
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards