Renovations Diary: 2nd October, 2020

Meanwhile the Weekday Warriors continue largely unseen repairing the roof, taking down a chimney and various other vital activities.

New blinds for one of the bays

A very big thank you to Sarah Howard for making and fitting the new blinds at The Swan. This is a great addition and will help with the ambience as the evenings get cooler. She will soon be working with Green Room Pupils to provide blinds for the second window.

All the blinds are down
All the blinds are up
Sarah putting the blinds up

Up on the Roof

Replacing facia, cutting in new pieces The chimney to come down
Shows the cut in required The chimney taken right down
The facia completed Building up to cap the chimney Another piece of the roof being worked upon, slates have beeen removed


Door with extra fire board added to it
Door has been mounted as the cellar door
Three new pictures of the local area have been put up
Sawn pixture reinstated on one of the fireplaces
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards