Renovations Diary: 28th August, 2020

The Coach House

The final tweaks have continued to be made this week as the deadline for the completion of the Coach House swiftly approaches. Rendering to the base of The Coach House finished early in the week which will again help with making the building water tight. Exterior flooring tiles were laid on the landing between the School House and the IT suite giving it a slick, safe finish.

Put edging on Painting the lower part black after it had been prepared.
Cemented lower par tof the wall for added protection. Ready for cementing
Putting on the cement Safety tiles at the top of the wrought oiron stairs laid for safety

The upstairs floor has had beautiful vinyl floor tiles fitted and more paint has been applied to the walls both upstairs and downstairs. Soon cabinets and furniture will start to arrive and we will have an opportunity to get into the space puts things in their place in preparation for the students imminent arrival.

Starting to put down resin to make water tight and stop floor leveller going through Floor covered with levelling material Almost finished laying the wooden floor
Hoovering the fllor before laying the wooden floor Floor laying in progress Finsihed article - wooden fllor sown
Moving the floor levelling material about Just starting to lay the wooden fllor, first pieces down at the very centre of the room Wow - the finished article

And there was more electrical work and of course ... you guessed it, painting!

Volunteers doing painting and filling
Another volunteer roped into painting
Sparky at work

The Weekday Warriors

The Weekday Warriors turned the side stable door round so that the coffee machine could be re-instated for the weekend. They all installed more bike racks to support the launch of the Cycle Pitstop. And of course there was more painting, and more, and more ...

Main bike rack has been moved to front wall and a new one added in its place Jim whitewashing in the ground floor of The Coach House
Tony swapping the stable door round Jim and John making the additional bike rack
Inside the ground floor of The Coach House, new spot lights and black ceiling evident Trevor whitewashing walls

Cookie the Cat

And we had a visit from royalty. Well not exactly. Cookie the Cat came in to see how we were progressing and give a purr of approval. Cookie lives close by but likes to pop in now and then to see the lads.

Cookie the Cat ... Lord of The Swan
Cookie the Cat ... life is oh so simple!
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards