Renovations Diary: 14th August, 2020

The Coach House

With the main bulk of the building work on the Coach House complete, the team have been concentrating on details such as making the window sills and painting the exterior walls. It must have been tough for them working in the heat this week, but they continued to work at speed plastering the walls ready for mist coating. The focus has now moved to insulating the downstairs ceiling, making it a very safe and warm space for all to enjoy.

Facing the front of The Coach House, newly plastered insode
Facing the door, working through the plastering
Plasterer hard at work inside The Coach House
Facing the front of The Coach House after plaster had been misted
Facing the rear of The Coach House, all the plaster has been misted

Weekday Warriors

Another very busy week for our Weekday Warriors has seen them achieve a great deal despite the heat. Guttering and down pipes have been painted black and windows on The School House have been prepared. The Courtyard has had another tidy up in preparation for a busy weekend and a cable has been installed through to the covered area in preparation for a TV.

Scraping one of the window frames of the main pub
John chiseling out the old mortar on one of the chimneys
It is a long way up there at the chimney - far photo to show height

Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards