Renovations Diary: 17th July, 2020

The Coach House

The Coach House is really progressing quickly. Last weekend they put the steel lintel in place and the chippies got stuck in to build the roof frame. This week they have continued work on the now watertight roof to get that complete. The first floor has now been replaced allowing for first fix to start. Boy these guys are quick!

Inside The Coach House facing the back wall Coach House roof taken from the pub
Inside The Coach House facing the front window Coach House roof with the Jayflex team working in the velux windows
Inside The Coach House showing that first fix for wiring is well underway Slates ready to go on the Coach House roof

Weekday Warriors

The Weekday Warriors have had a mixed week. When it's dry they are up on the scaffolding fitting the soffits and barge boards to The School House and the main building too. When it's wet, they are inside and have started work on the kitchen floor which, almost inevitably, needs to be replaced.

Tony putting up soffits and barge boards
Kitchen floor starting to be lifted
Weekday Warriors are happy in the sun

Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards