Renovations Diary: 19th June, 2020

If you have strolled passed The Swan this week you will have seen that lots of work has been happening with The Coach House. Our local resident Brendan O’Reilly and his team from Jayflex have been in and achieved so much already. Very quickly this happened ...

Blue sky above The Coach House, new scaffolding up
Pit props have been added to support the building
Big crack in the brickwork was uncoverred

The scaffold is up, skips are in the yard and the roof is off!

Started to strip the ceiling Site covered with scaffolding
All the tiles have no been removed
Most of the slates have been removed at this point Roof gone, and bad brickwork removed

By stripping back the frame work it has become clear what is required to make the structure safe. There was bowing in the ridge of the roof and crumbling walls high up. They will need to strip back the unsafe brickwork in order to rebuild safely. Steels and tie rods will then be installed to help strengthen the structure.

Wall at top of metal stairs, looks very unstable
On the first floor of the coach house, roof gone and a lot of bad brickwork removed too

These guys do work quick and we are so fortunate to have the generosity of Jayflex taking on this project in order to have the IT suite above and multi purpose space below ready for the school and community to use as soon as possible

Guys mixing cement NThere are two skips to handle all the debris
One of the guys on the roof removing slates
New fire extinguishers in the School House

Excavations under the Coach House have unearthed some bygone treasures. These clay pipes were a very popular choice in Victorian England, Tossed aside by a travelling gent as the stable boy tended to his horses?...

Showing the team are digging down past the foundations
Hole filled with water Mixture of Victorian wears
Victorian clay pipe

And very quickly has ended up ...

Salvageable bricks stacked on the coach house
View from the bedroms of the pub down at the coach house, no roof and virtually no first floor
More brickwork carefully stacked - site is very clean
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards