Renovations Diary: 8th February, 2019

The guys at the Green Room School went in and took down the canopy in the courtyard. Also clearing up a lot of the mess in front of the kitchen and the side door. This was very much the first step of the renovation.

Old and derelict patio area Starting to pull down the patio roof Much of the debris removed from the patio area Side door, now a stable door Baffy working in The Courtyard Team pulling down the ivy from the side of the pub Debris collected so far dumped in The Courtyard
Worked just started on the patio area Rotten flooring has been removed from the patio Part of The Green Room School team Another part of The Green Room School team Needs more ivy removed A happy member of the team in front of the boarded up side door The patio has gone
Inside the patio area - yuck! Pulling down the patio roof Break time Still looks a lot to do Two of the team surveying the side of the pub Patio gone, side of the pub looks better Tidying up the last of the waste
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards