Events Diary: Re-Opening

It was Friday 4th December, 2020. It was 48 hours after lockdown had officially finished and Windsor had entered into Tier 2 Covid restrictions. It was strange for us all. On top of previous restrictions, people outside immediate households or bubbles were not allowed to mingle. Also the pub HAD to offer a substantial meal - difficult when The Kitchen is being refurbished - lol.

So this was day 1 for us in this new way. We offered some starters and desserts from The Bar, our substantial meal came from The Brewery pizza van. It was all pretty new for us. Yes we had a lot of successes and to shout about, but we did have one or two issues for some having to wait longer than they would normally accept.

Thanks to the Bar Staff and those involved with the food. Without you guys, we wouldn't have opened. Thank you from the community.

Connor pouring a pint
Connor and Luke behiond the bar
Willie delivering pizza

We were please to see a lot of the community came out to enjoy a wee drink whilst having some food. As you can see here, inside The Bar was popular.

A marvellous poppy cake donated for the event
Wider shot of the pub showing it is still looking good
People remained in their groups and socially distanced

The Coach House now has heaters and a side door to allow it to be used during the winter. further improvements are planned but for now, it offers a real option if you want somewhere slightly quieter whilst being warm.

The whitewash of The Coach House looks really good
Some people take advantage of the new heating

The Courtyard and "The Shed" (the covered area) were both in use, the brazier was going to keep people warm. In the coming few days, The Shed will being getting new heaters (securely fastened and covered by security cameras when we are not there).

The Courtyard Wider view of The Courtyard showing the brazier
Under The Shed The Courtyard in the dark
Red embers in the brazier make a stunning shot of The Courtyard
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards