Events Diary: Dedication

We dedicated our defibrillator to Adrian Chojnacki, one of our Weekday Warriors. Unfortunately he passed away unexpectedly back in March.

Adrian was a keen supporter of the pub getting a defribillator which could then be used by the pub, the school and the wider community. His wife - Dawn - paid for its's installation.

The family attended the dedication and said a few words to some of Adrian's friends who had gathered to pay tribute. Richard Allen also said a few kind words about Adrian's contribution to The Swan.

Adrian was a dedicated husband, father, grandfather, friend and Weekday Warrior. We will remember you fondly sir.

The defib and plaque before unveiling Some of the people assembles, socially distancing in the street
Another picture of more of the people gathered out in the street, socially distanced Dawn unveiling the dedication plaque
Dawn and her grandson at the defib Dawn reading the words on the plaque just after the unveiling
Richard Allen with Dwan and her grandson Dawn beside the defib which was an idea of Adrian for which she paid for the installation.

Here are some photos of the man himself. A true legend.

Tearing down a ceiling with Big Al during volunteering day, 22nd June 2019 Tearing down a partition wall in the kitchen, 5th August 2019 Skirting board for the bar area, 30th September 2019 Working on the front of the pub, 1st Ocotber, 2019 Working in the upstairs toilet, 19th Decemeber 2019 Insulating the ceiling in the corridor, The School House above, 24th January 200 A cold and wrapped up Adrian in the bar, 24th January 2020 His last day volunteering,26th February 2020
A mucky pup on 30th July, 2019 Tearing down the kitchen ceiling, 6th August 2019 Painting the interior of the front window, 27th September, 2019 Painting the the gents toilet skirting board, 11th October 2019 Painting the new side door, 1st October 2019 In the kitchen after fireboarding the ceiling, 19th December 2019 Painting soffits ready for mounting, 13th February 2020
Taking down the bedroom ceiling, 22nd June 2019 Preparing the bar floor area for the new floor, 20th August 2019 Ejoying the evening with friends, 27th September 2019 Paiting barge boards, 11th November 2019 Paiting the office, 4th January 2020 With the lads, 31st January 2020 Clearing out the back of the kitchen wall, 18th February 2020
Clearing out the kitchen, 5th August 2019 Helping laying the bar floor, 21st August 2019 Photo bombing the girls, 30th September 2019 Insulating the kitchen and hall, 12th December 2019 With his famous erection (an automated measruing tape), 24th January 2020 Up on the roof repairing one of the damaged apexes, 6th February 2020 Clearing behind the kitchen, 26th February 2020 Having fun in an evening with friends, 24th January 2019
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