Events Diary: BBQ

Saturday 5th September 2020. Still covid lurks about and still we have social distancing. More people on furlough. More redundancies. BUT did that get us down? A resounding NOOOOO as we had another of our famous BBQs.

Connor doing some table service
Crowd in The Courtyard Underneath the covering was busy but socially distanced
No need for the brollies as it was neither sunny nor raining Was not the warmest, some jackets in evidence

Some people opted to remain indoors inside the pub. As you can see, the tables have all been spaced out and the doors and windows opened to provide good ventilation. The pub, staff and the community all followed the covid guidelines to try and stop the spread.

Connor doing some table service
Crowd in The Courtyard

The barbecue was very popular all day, but still the lads had time to joke about. We had our usual range of burgers and sausages, both meaty and vegan, to suit all tastes. And that included Luke from the bar team who enjoyed one of the excellent burgers.

Luke from the bar team enjoying a burger
Burgers and sausages being cooked on the barbie
Ian and Tony, our resident chefs
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards