Events Diary: Hogmanay

The pub was busy from early evening all the way through to 'chucking out time' in the wee small hours. Families came down early on and enjoyed a variety of board games, colouring and Italian food. Later it was adults only to enjoy the music of Astronought.

Panoramic view of the bar

This landscape type photo was taken standing at the front door using a mobile phone and then sweeping across the pub. As you can see, it creates a slightly surreal version of the pub. We have made it even more moody by changing it to black & white.


Some more traditional style photos of the evening. As you can see, every seat was taken, and there was a lot of people standing at the bar. To say it was busy is an understatement.

Ten mins to go, anticipation building Build up during the evening Chat going on between tables
Watching the band Quiet between the families and all the adults Astronought - the band
Celebrating the new decade Quiet before the storm at the bar


One of these videos was shared live on Facebook on the evening. It has now been captured and added - with the other - to our growing YouTube channel. Do you have any videos that could be shared for New Year's or at any time?

Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards