Quiz Nights

Throughout the recent history of The Swan, quiz nights have always been popular. So in September the quiz was re-launched and it was extremely popular. So much so, we decided to make it a regular event.

The rogues gallery below records the winners history for posterity and for bragging rights too. There can be no argument on who has won when, and how many times. No stories, no fairy tales, no disputes.

  • The Bacon Bappers

    The Bacon Bappers

    Wednesday 18th December

  • The Bacon Bappers

    The Bacon Bappers

    Wednesday 21st November

  • The Brass Monkeys

    The Brass Monkeys

    Wednesday 16th October

  • The FNumber Four Cuts

    The Number Four Cuts

    Wednesday 11th September

We will endeavour to keep this up-to-date. If you see an error or omission, do please get in contact with the webmaster. Also if you have any pictures or stories we can add. Thanks in advance.

Photos from 18th December 2019

The raffle jackpot winner

Being presented with his prize

Hard at it

Down in the main bar area

The raffle winners

Happy team of five having won a prize in the raffle

Lots of thinking going on

Dancing out in the rain

The Bacon Bappers win again

Photo of the winning team

Quiz teams in The School Room

Teams were upstairs too