Volunteering Day - Saturday 2nd March

Our next volunteer day is on Saturday 2nd March.

The success of the last volunteer weekend surpassed all our expectations so we cannot wait to have all you hard working folk back again to see what can be achieved this time. Any new faces are more than welcome too, we would love to see you all there!

Tasks on the day will be stripping wallpaper, sanding back doors and windows, as well as other jobs to help create a blank canvas, and allow the building to breathe again, ready for the next building work to take place.

Start times are at 9am and 12:45pm on the day as you must complete a brief safety induction before commencing work on site. As before you must pre-register and attend a safety briefing. Details about registering and more information can be found here


Please note that only registered and confirmed volunteers will be allowed on the site so please don't just turn up. You will be contacted to confirm slots and attendance.

Volunteers will receive an email at least the day before to give them details.

It is important you arrive on time for your slot as we will be running a safety induction to all volunteers. You are welcome to stay for as long as you wish once inducted.

Bringing equipment will help too. If you have any of the following equipment you can either loan on the day or donate to the cause it would be greatly appreciated:

  • Scrapers
  • Wallpaper srippers/steamers
  • Wire brushes
  • Medium/coarse sandpaper
  • Buckets
  • Sctubbing brushes
  • Spray bottles
  • Pressure washers
  • Sack Trolleys

We advise that you name your personal belongings so as not to lose them on the day.

Please email Lexie Sparks if you wish to drop off anything off during the week.

Suppliers and Tradesmen

We've had a huge response from local companies, suppliers and trademen. It has been absolutely fantastic and we thank each one for their help. We could not have progressed so far without you.

We are also looking for further help with the project at preferential rates (or for free, as a gift to the project). Can you help? Or do you know someone who can? We are also looking for skilled tradesmen who are able to volunteer their time during the week.

Please let us know either when registering for volunteer days coming up, or get in touch directly via email to: Lexie Sparks.


Perhaps you could help with supplies? We are in need of consumables to help with the site clearance and renovation work. Please get in touch if you have any of the following that we can have for the project.

Cleaning supplies:

  • general purpose cleaning sprays/products,
  • washing up liquid,
  • antibacterial spray/products,
  • disinfectant,
  • bin bags (all varieties),
  • toilet roll, and
  • blue roll/centrefeed roll.

Cleaning equipment:

  • Jeye cloths,
  • Marigold or rubber gloves.
  • cleaning cloths and sponges,
  • buckets and mops,
  • old vacuum cleaners,
  • scrubbing brushes, and
  • brooms (inside and outside).

Decorating equipment:

  • Scrapers
  • Wallpaper srippers/steamers
  • Wire brushes
  • Medium/coarse sandpaper
  • Buckets
  • Sctubbing brushes
  • Spray bottles
  • Pressure washers
  • Sack Trolleys

Please email Lexie Sparks for further information.


We also have an Amazon Wish List with some items that will help us out, can you add something to your basket for us today? Search for the wish list called “The Swan Clewer CIC”. All items will be sent direct to us for use on the project. As we move on with the project we will update our Wish list

You can also help in other ways through easyfundraising, a way that The Swan receiving money every time you make an on-line purchase.

Thank you again to all those who’ve kindly bought already. If you have not heard from us personally yet then please get in touch and let us know who you are. Some of the packages have arrived with no name or contact details and we would love the opportunity to thank you!

Volunteering during the renovations

We are going to need people with a wide range of skills:

  • Skilled tradesmen such as builders, plumbers, electricians and gas engineers.
  • Other skilled people such as plasterers, painters and handymen.
  • Surveyors, accountants and lawyers.
  • Graphic designers, photographers, marketeers and web designers.
  • And those who want to simply help out with time and energy.

The more we can do ourselves within the community, the more we can invest into the business to get the community hub up and running.

Volunteering once the pub is open

To get this working for the community, we will need people to help:

  • Organise the running of clubs, pub competitions and special events.
  • Be mentors and coaches for our young people from The Green Room School.
  • Raise funds for further phases of improvements to The Swan.
  • And those with hospitality skills.

We will also need volunteers to help with the renovations of later phases of The Swan (e.g. B&B, outbuildings, etc).

How do I volunteer?

There are several ways to volunteer: