Improvement Suggestions

Thank you to those people who have completed the "My idea/thought/suggestion…" slips and pop these in the box at The Swan. On this page you will find your suggestions and the responses from the team.

Please note that this page is regularly updated.

Suggestions have been grouped into sections to make it easier for you to find information. Within the sections, suggestions will be time ordeed with the most recent at the top. If you have any suggestions which are not covered here, please feel free to contact us at

Can we please have Fanny’s Bramble Cider back? The aim is to offer a varying selection of beers and ciders in rotation: it will be back at some point.
A wider selection of non-alcoholic/low alcohol beet would be nice. Willie is also keen to extend the offering and will be looking into possibilities for this.
When the pub had its opening ceremony a keg of Swan Ale was served. Will we be getting any more? Sorry, this was a special one-off brew.
Can we have a house rosé at a decent price? This has already been sourced.
When the bar is up and running please can we have soda, lemonade etc on tap, also some sugar free syrups. The pub provides bottles of coke and lemonade. Sugar free syrups are a possibility now we have a coffee machine.
More kids drinks! There are a range of soft drinks on offer and, did you know, FREE squash is available for children – just ask the bar staff.
Bottles of non-alcoholic beer. We are pleased to offer Peroni Libera.
Bookshelf/swap There are a few books appearing, but we don’t have very much room at the moment. Do come along to the book club evenings – check the website and social media feeds for dates/times.
Football team We have football on Tuesday evenings when we have sufficient numbers – contact Matt or email
Cribbage league Cribbage league Some people have expressed an interest in this. If you would like to set this up then please do approach Matt to organise details.
Board Games We are pleased to offer a selection of board games and cards: if you have any you wish to donate please bring them down and present them to the bar staff who will happily add them to our collection.
Live music with local bands We hope you've enjoyed the music we've put on so far and yes, we look forward to planned and impromptu music sessions. There's a potential for open-mic nights and jamming sessions.
No loud music in the pub – soft background only. As a community pub it is important that we can chat to one another so, yes, by and large this will be the case. Unless there is a specific event, there should never be a case of anyone having to ask to have the music turned down!
Handmade cakes and bakes As you know the pub is open from 9:30am for coffee and cake. Matt is happy to sell locally made cakes so do speak to him for requirements and offers!!
Please use recyclable/washable plates for the BBQ. Even better, compostable and put them on the allotment. We need to save our planet. We are determined to be single-use plastic-free so will always source what works best for the purpose.
Can we have a dartboard in the coach house? Once the weather is better and people are happy to be outside this is a possibility.
Exhibition/performance space We were thrilled to host the Windsor Festival Art Exhibition in the coach house and courtyard. We look forward to hosting more events in the future.
Host meetings for local groups We are now hosting a book club, local councillor meetings and neighbourhood meetings. We're happy to look at more such events if you speak to Matt, he'll let you know which evenings are best.
Produce sales What a great idea! We will certainly look into this with members of the various allotments we have in Windsor.
Sunday afternoon children's hour This is something we can consider next year. We would need a DBS checked adult to run this.
Film Club This sounds interesting. We’ve passed the suggestion-maker’s details to Matt who will follow up directly.
Yoga Does anyone know a yoga teacher who would be happy to run a session each week? If so, then this is a possibility although would probably be limited to twelve people due to space limitation.
TV and food for sports events This worked very well for the Rugby World Cup and we hope to do more in the future for big sporting events.
Pub quiz This is now a regular monthly event held on Wednesdays – check the website and social media feeds for dates and times. Please see our Past Winners.
Charity Dog Walks With or without dogs we think this is a great idea and fits wonderfully with our ethos of a community, friendly, healthy, dog-friendly pub. We will certainly start planning some of these in due course.
Table top sale This type of thing is something we are definitely interested in once the courtyard has more space.
How about a light over the entrance? There are now two lights at the entrance to the pub.
The Swan sign should be illuminated. We're ready to do this but just need to get the lights installed.
On Friday nights when the pub is packed, have you though about selling ear plugs from the bar? No, not selling them, but you're welcome to bring your own if it’s too loud.
Love the ladies loo but please can we have a hook on the door for handbags/coats? Yes, of course. We'll get this done.
Boot cleaner outside We'll all keep our eyes peeled at car boot fairs for a cheap one of these – it’s a good idea and will help keep our wood floor looking good.
Respect our neighbours sign Done.
Padded seats One bay window seat is padded, the other is being made. There are a mixture of seats – high/low backs, padded/not padded and cushions for additional comfort.
Pub board Now out the front of the pub. We have to have a licence from the council to put it out further and will explore this soon.
Patio heaters Sorry, these are not environmentally friendly so it's unlikely we'll be purchasing these.
Pizza oven Yum – sounds delicious and we're very tempted. Who knows what the future will bring…
A toddler step for children in the ladies’/gents’ toilets. Great idea. We'll get them purchased in due course.
Can we have a community notice board? The "Friends" noticeboard is outside – we are negotiating where this can be placed inside the pub.
Us, the community, would like to have a meeting regarding how this pub community is moving forward. All pub updates and plans can be found on the website and through social media feeds – do check these out regularly to keep up-to-date.
Gift Vouchers This is a nice idea and something we are happy to explore with Matt and Willie.
Pest control Pest control did make a visit. With the new big bin and currently no regular food stored in the pub, this is not an issue. When we have a kitchen, of course, this will be reviewed.