Hogmanay Party

Oh what a night!; Late December twenty twenty-two; What a special time for me; As I remember, what a night ..... Could be a song! But it really does reflect the fun we had seeing out an eventful 2022 and bringing in the New Year.

The pub was really busy full of people from the local community. The bar staff were all dressed up to impress ... or is it kill? Mark & Sherridan were providing the live music. And everybody provided the dancing, the laughing and the singing.

A great night was had by one and all. Some early pictures below. Later on they got a little blurry and we need to protect the guilty! :)

The Bar Staff Team all dressed up to kill.
Live music from Mark & Sherridan.
Lively dancing going on.
Lots of chattinh too.
More dancing going on with Mark in the background.
Table of people enjoying the evening.
Lots of people sitting and standing listening to the music.
Very busy bar listening to the music.
People enjoying the music.
Lots of people dancing.

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