Breakfast with Santa

Santa popped in to have breakfast with local children. Such a real surprise to us all that we hadn't switched on the heating yet - ooops! Kieran was in The Kitchen supported by David, Niai was our barrista behind The Bar, and Rachel the Elf was there to help Santa distribute a wee gift in advance of Christmas Day.

Santa distributing a gift to oen og his very young supporters.
Santa posing with a family - isn't he very photogenic?
The pub was full for the two sittings Santa had
Sanata talking to a family - he likes to talk, and talk, and talk ...
Santa moving between the tables.
A different sitting, and the pub is still full.
Santa working the room to make sure he has seen all the boys and girls.
Santa having a chat.
Family enjoying breakfast
Santa having a chat ... again.
Santa speaking to one of the children who had come to see him.
Sanat having a bit of a break.
Families enjoying breakfast.
Santa pulling a gift out of his green sack.
Guess? Yes, it's Santa having another chat.
One of the families, unfortuantely the wee boy looks a tad cold.
Families enjoying themselves.
A packed pub - you can just see the Christmas tree!

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