Christmas Market

The volunteers had spent all morning clearing out, tidying up and removing snow and ice so the place was looking fit for a Christmas Market. A big shout out to Anne, Richard and Trudy who did most of the work.

The Courtyard all laid out and ready to go.
Welcome to The Swan sign with firepit for keeping warm.
Range of huge baubles at The Main Gate.
The Coach House in the gloom.

The stall holders were all set-up and raring to go for the 4pm kick-off. Unfortunately the cold/flu bug that was going round claimed a couple of them - we hope they get well soon.

Stall holder
Stall holder
Stall holder
Baubles from Miranda
Little Christmas Men.
Spirits and mixers.

The Windsor Jazz Collective provided the music from 6pm. Hats off to them as they played three sets in termperatures of minus three and below. They played some traditional jazz mixed in with some Christmassy numbers. We hope they will be back when it is slightly warmer.

The brass section of the band.
Arty shot with a pint in the foreground and the band in the background.
The five-piece Windsor Jazz Collective.

Thanks to Big Bill who had some A-frames made up for us so that we could sign post the event better. It is these small act of kindness that really help the pub a lot. Thanks Big Man! The volunteers have painted them up with the specialist blackboard paint already to be used.

Two newly made wooden A-frames.
A side shot to sow why they are called A-frames.

Stalls at the market included:

  • Christmas Crafts - Michelle Thomas
  • Cheesemunger - Mike Unger
  • Wool Creations by Beauline
  • The Green Room School
  • Wood Gifts & Tables by Dryad Design
  • Of Books & Hooks - Madelaine Farquharson
  • Mugs & Coasters - Windsor & Ascot Driving for Disabled
  • Home Grown Cocktails - Pip & Hamish
  • Island Honey - Tony Wolstenholme
  • Silver by DaCosta Creations Windsor
  • Friends of The Swan Stall (inc. Pet Beds)
  • Mulled Wine and Christmas Wraps - Kieran and Micky
  • Roasted Chestnuts - Ian of the FOTS

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