Prohibition Night

The scene was set. The bar staff had decorated The Coach House and sealed the doors. The only way in was by a secret code. The lights dimmed. The music set. And of course, there was absolutely no alcohol officer ... none!

Inside The Coach House with red lights on.
Another view of The Coach House all decorated for the evening.
Doors to The Coach House are shut and barricaded with a note to go away, nothing happening here.
Red candle on a table inside The Coach House along with the special drinks and music menues.

The team had gone through their paces. Singing - perfect. Cocktails - perfect. Entertainment - perfect. The secret code ... well, secret of course. The team were ready for the evening. And yes officer, still no alcohol!

HAM the cocktail guru preparing pouring two cocktails at the same time.
Jess, the sassy singer for the evening.
Connor practicing mixing cocktails.
The cocktail maestros exchanging notes.

So the guests arrived. Not sure how they knew the secret code - but they did. Any names? Of course not officer! Bugsy, Ratface, Driller the Killer, et al were there - but real names, sorry no officer. And in any case, they have all gone to the wind - even Bez to Singapore to escape your clutches, officer.

People dancing
Jess singing in a very sultry atmosphere.
Dawn dressed up as a gangster along with a 1920 style machine gun.
General shot of a busy Coach House.
Another shot of a busy, and very red, Coach House.

As for the owner, Micky? Not seen him since that Santa guy turned up officer. Honest! Santa turns up and Micky disappears! What's his surname? No, not Spillane and definitely not Cohen. What does it matter? Santa is the new guy in town.

Micky and Connor
Micky and dawn
Micky and Jess

As for the singer Jess, what a gal officer. She'll be back, am sure. She's got the old razzle dazzle that everyone remembers - everyone. You want that poster up in the bar officer? Sure, that is sure one mean lady! Wouldn't like to get on the wrong side of her officer.

Wanted poster for the lady gangster.

A brilliant night was had by all. Micky is now planning his next themed night. Any suggestions? Please email with any ideas. Thanks in advance.

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