Special brewing for SwanFest

Micky went to The Brewery this week to create a special beer for SwanFest. We are brewing a Red IPA at 4.5%. This is an exclusive for our SwanFest and only available from The Swan during 19th-21st August. It will not be available anywhere else (including The Brewery).

Step 1: ensuring you have the equipment, people and raw ingredients.

The vats inside the Windsor and Eton Brewery
Micky ready to start brewing
Sacks and sacks of raw ingredients

Step 2: gathering the raw ingredients that are required for a beer.

Fresh hops
Raw ingredients
Raw ingredients

Step 3: carefully measuring out the ingredients.

Micky measuring out the raw ingredients
Micky checking no issues with the raw ingredients
Our beer - well the raw ingredients anyway

Step 4: mixing the ingredients, and starting the brewing process.

Mixing the raw ingedients with hot water
View from above of the lads at work
The mixture getting ready to boil
Adding ingredients
All bubbling away in the vat

Step 5: fermenting and waiting for a wee while, and a bit longer, and a bit longer .... time to do the naming and branding. We had a competition and the team chose 'FEATHERED FRIEND', named by Adam Chojnacki and a local resident. A brilliant name that ties to our community and story beautifully! Well done Adam and thanks for creating the perfect name for our Beer!

Image drawn for the beer pump
The vat has been labelled as having our beer
The actual beer pump in The Swan

Our beer is alive and brewing as we speak ready for you later this month!

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