Line Dancing at The Swan

Independence Day 2022 was on a Monday but that was just an excuse in America to have a full weekend of festivities. At The Swan we decorated the place, got the Budweisser in, had an American themed BBQ, and got prepared to dance the night away.

Inside the pub was decorated
The Courtyard was festooned with bunting

Billed as a Hoe Down, this was a master class in American Line Dancing led by our caller, Jess. A number of the locals dressed up ans strutted their stuff out in The Courtyard. And when it started raining, that didn't stop the dancing as it simply moved into The Coach House. Yee Haa!

Line dancing training commences
Jess leading the line dancing
Some quizzical faces as people try to follow the leader
Not sure our cowboys and cowgirls are totally following this
Micky get involved to show how it is done
A look of confusion by one of the dancers
All ages got involved
In The Coach House with Josie showing how it is done

There were some short videos taken so you can see how well the dancers did.

Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards