Epic Thursday

A truly Epic Thursday this week as the students and Green Room School staff produced wonderful meals in our new Kitchen and served it to our many happy customers. In their own words ...

We had an AMAZING time yesterday for Epic Thursday! GR6 were absolutely privileged to be able to serve some of the first food out of The Swan's new wonderful kitchen! Great things lie ahead. We're so happy that we could serve so many customers such an amazing breakfast. We'll be doing it all again next Thursday with our Epic Brunch Menu.

Epic Thursdays allow the students to learn a range of skills for the future including coffee barrista, taking payments, serving, taking orders, preparing & cooking food and clearing up. All useful for getting a job in the future.

One of the students preparing the cutlery. Clearing up. The students at wok in The Kitchen. Coffee barista. Brunch as prepared by the students.
Lexie and Richard enjoying brunch. Some of the students celebrating the success. Taking a card payment. Sausages being prepared. Another brunch prepared by the students.
Getting feedback from the customers. Food preparation. Team working in The Kitchen. A brunch sandwich The Brunch Menu.

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