Our Last WHP Coffee Morning

Sincere thanks to all who attended the final coffee morning on behalf of our 2021 Community Charity, the Windsor Homeless Project. A huge thanks also to the Wings and GR6 students - Carly, Kerry and Kadilen - who served the coffee and cakes helping us to raise £226 for the charity. We do hope that the barista and front-of-house experiences on the day help them in the future.

Bas enjoying the cake
The spread of cakes from donators
Some of our regulars to our coffee mornings
The queue for coffee
Two gentleman having a good old chat

We would also like to thank the GR6 staff who played their bit too so that it was a success. So big thanks to the main man Deej and his supporting team of Lexie and Richard. They made this run without a hitch!

Our coffee mornings do rely on donations of cakes, biscuits and the likes. Anything you could do would be really appreciated and funds raised do go to the nominated charities. Mornings are usually the last Friday of the month.

The Free Ranger

The Free Ranger

We would also like to thank The Free Ranger, also known as Rob Oliphant. He donated his evening totally free of charge and in return asked that any donations made were given to the Windsor Homeless Project. Good man sir!

Rob has a history of this sort of thing both here in the UK and also on the West Coast of USA. Over the years he has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the homeless in both countries. He has a charity called Street Talk worth looking for.

You may on occasion find Rob on the Eton Bridge busking to earn money for the homeless. Watch out for him!

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