Bingo Winners Cruise

All the way through the covid-19 lockdown there was an ongoing joke amongst the players and our Bingo Caller: the winners would have a berth on a virtual Bingo Cruise once it was all over! Well it doesn't look like covid will be nearly over any time soon, but circumstances now could allow the cruise with correct vaccinatons and testing.

So after a lot of planning by the Friends of The Swan, the virtual ship set sail with an assortment of Bingo winners and their partners. There was a range of activities set up for the evening as well as welcome drinks and a buffet. For information, all the attendees had returned a negative lateral flow before the event.

Richard Allen telling the passengers what the format of the evening would berkshire One of the tables deep in discussion
Happy table of ladies raising their glasses - cheers! All the passengers in one photo
Richard Allen, bingo caller and master at arms
Four of the passengers with sailor hats on Tasting and discussing the punch that was provided

During the night there were organised games too. Obviously bingo with Richard Allen was a given, deck quoits a must as it was a cruise, a wee quiz was thrown in too, and of course the 'best dressed' passenger. This latter one was very difficult for the judges but our winner was Renee.

Richard Allen with bow tie, white jacket and captain's hat
Quoits being played in The Courtyard
Renee in her sparkling dress - winner of best dressed for the evening
Two ladies with huge smiles

There was a lot of organisation required for this event to make it the success it was. Special thanks go to Lexie, Louise and Rachel for setting up The Coach House and the core plan. And thanks to the rest who played their part too, especially our Bingo Caller. Some photos pre-cruise are below.

The Coach House decorated out
Sailor hats and other themed items sitting on the piano
Lovely big poster was donated for the virtual bingo cruise
Table decorations

Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards