New Year's Eve

There was a good turn out of the locals for our Hogmanay party. The Bar was reasonably busy and a lot of people, with the unseasonably warm weather and covid warnings, used the facilities outside in The Courtyard and The Coach House. We had live music - Mark & Sherridan - who played multiple sets throughout the evening.

Mark and Sherridan set up in front of the fireplace in the bar
Sherridan signing as Mark looks on

By eleven o'clock, many were dancing and singing along with hit after hit. The music went on through the bells and there was a 'rendition' of Auld Lang Syne. The traditional kissing and hugging was a bit muted this year with a lot of fist bumping going on instead.

Auld Lang Syne
Small group pof three doing Auld Lang Syne
Belting it out with the London fireworks in the background

We like to thank both staff and customers alike for taking the time to follow our covid guidelines. We are not aware of a single case being caused as a result of this evening. It clearly shows if people are careful, then we can have fun in this new normality. Thank you!

The poster for the event is presented here, you may recognise it (hopefully!).

Hogmanay 2021

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