Events Diary: Market & BBQ

Our regular market and barbecue was held on the coldest days so far this autumn. It was VERY cold! The stall holders were wrapped whilst they were setting up before the market opened at noon. Over the afternoon we raised nearly £240 towards the renovation funds.

Stall holders in The Courtyard
The girls setting up the pre-owned clothes stall
Tony firing up the barbecu
Dawn with her used book stall

Here are a few photos of the stalls.

The clothes stall Another stall
The Courtyard had a lot of stalls set out A closer look at the clothes stall
Even shoes had been donated A busy Courtyarde
The barbecue team More clothes outside The Coach House

And yes, there were real live people there too but the team were a little busy to take photos. Do you have some?

Potential customers in The Coach House
Having a drink in the pub after visiting the market
Keeping warm at the brazier

The left over clothes have not gone to waste. Coats & shoes have gone to a local charity, other items are being donated to clothes banks, and some will be used for the last Epic Thursday of 2021. Nothing has gone to waste and will get re-used.

And when it got dark, it started snowing!

It was warm inside the pub
The Coach House
Heavy snow pictured at The Gates
The snow starting to lie in front of The Coach House

Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards