Collecting the Fresh Produce

Pam and Brendan O'Reilly kindly donated the fresh produce for this month's mini-market in The Courtyard. There was one stipulation: come and dig it up! So the team went early on the Saturday morning and worked down the farm in Horton to collect a wide variety of vegetables and sun flowers.

Tractor digging up the potatoes The Swan team in the field
Pam pulling up a large root vegetable John puttin the produce table together
Trailer loaded up with produce The final produce table

The Stalls

This month we had the return of many of our popular stalls. The CheeseMunger was there. There were stalls for jams, books, crafts and more. A great variety was to be had. Here are the stalls before the market started.

Book stall Jam stall
Antiques stall Vegetable stall
Ear rings stall Cheese stall
Craft stall Young lassie, perhaps 2 or 3, thrwoing a sponge from about two feet away - hit!

The Courtyard

Once the pub and market opened, The Courtyard quickly filled up. People bought from the stalls and stopped off for a little refreshment too. After all, it was a bank holiday and there was probably no work tomorrow. The weather was dry and a reasonable temperature so we were lucky.

The Courtyard is full Lots of people enjoying a Sunday afternoon drink
Outside tables were full The stalls were popular
Meanwhile the BBQ was in progress Rachel taking a BBQ order
There were a lot of dogs Dogs taking a nap
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards