Events Diary: July's Market

The BBQ was fired up from noon 'til three augmenting the normal burgers, etc with a popular breakfast option.

Rachel, Ian and Tony
One of hebreakfast options
Team were busy but still having fun

A fabulous display of Green Room farm produce was just one of the highlights at the recent Mini-Market. The weather stayed dry and The Courtyard was soon packed with happy shoppers of all ages enjoying the variety of stalls on offer.

The vegetable produce stall from The Green Room School
Colourful flowers
Large marrows stacked in the corner
The produce table
Onions and marrows
Green produce at the front of the stall
Yellow and green pumpkins

Some pictures of the stall holders. Dawn and her books, The CheeseMunger and Lexie and her craft stall.

Lexie and her crafts
The CHeeseMunger
Dawn and her books mwitha  small view of the beanie baby table.

These were the stall looking fabulous just shortly before the market started.

Attractive pictures Silverware and antiques
Cards Book stall
Beanie Babies Lexie's craft stall
Earrings Shirts and blouses

People came out and after enjoying the market, enjoyed a little refreshment from The BAr to keep hydrated.

People in The Courtyard looking at the stalls
BBQ in full flow
The Symons enjoying a little refreshment
The Courtyard was pretty full of people either at stalls or sitting drinking
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards