Events Diary: AGM 2021

Our second birthday past a few weeks ago but due to Covid restrictions, it made running the AGM extremely difficult. We therefore delaid it until we could do it in a safe and legal way. The day was called 'Freedom Day' when the last of the restrictions were lifted, we called it our 'The Swan AGM'.

The AGM was streamed on Facebook Live to allow other Bevy members and the wider community to watch the presentations. We have added it to our YouTube channel for posterity. Enjoy!

The evening was opened by the Soul Duo who provided some excellent music as The Courtyard filled up. They will be back later in the year. They are the first band we have had in over a year due to covid restrictions.

Soul Duo in the late evening sun
Soul Duo in The Courtyard under a gazebo

The Courtyard was busy with circa 80 of our stakeholders, whether they be loanees or shareholders. It wasn't; the offer of a free half pint of beer (the boat was pushed out here!), nor the late evening sun that brought them, it was to hear the update on The Swan after a particular difficult year.

People mingling before the start
Due to the heat, drinking was required
The tables filled up quickly with people
Intense discussion beforehand - what is going to be said and will we like it?
The stage is set for the presenters

Our presenters were:

  • Richard Douglas (master of ceremonies)
  • Sasha Harbridge (finance)
  • Richard Allen (GR6 and building)
  • Anne Tebbatt (Friends of The Swan)
  • Micky Foden-Andrews (bar)
  • Will Calvert (summary)
Richard Allen
Will Calvert
Anne Tebbatt

The presentation and other information can be found on our AGM specific page. Over the years we will add following AGMs to keep them all in the same place.

Before the AGM, The Courtyard needed a little love and attention. A squad went in and sewpt the place, sorted out the furniture, and set up the areas for both the presentations and Soul Duo. And they also got to work on some new signage too. Good job guys!

Tony sanding a table
John varnishing a table
Richard sweeping The Courtyard
Rachel black paitning the notice board

See more in our renovation diary.

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