Events Diary: Mini-Market

Last Sunday saw another Swan Mini Market with some new and some familiar stalls set up to entice one and all. Despite the uncertain weather forecast many customers were drawn by the prospect of a bargain, and a BBQ. Catering for a wide variety of tastes the stallholders also helped us to get nearer to opening our own kitchen with each giving a percentage of their takings on the day to The Swan. The next Mini Market will be on Sunday 25th July. Put the date in your diary - the sun will be shining!

The CHeesemunger and Chilli Jam Lady The BBQ being prepared
The SSwan merchandise stall The Craft Co-op stall

The volunteer team were busy with the BBQ, stall and helping others that we didn't get more photos of the actual market, just the set-up! The BBQ again raised several hundres of Her Majesty's pounds sterling to contribute to the renovations.

Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards