The Bevy

The Bevy has been set up to recognise the significant contribution that our supporters and benefactors have made to this ground breaking project. Members will receive regular news and updates, as well as access to occasional offers and promotions.

Unfortunately Founder Membership of The Bevy is now closed. However, please watch-out for more information on future membership opportunities.

Bevy Members are those:

  • who have invested, loaned or donated funds to The Swan, and
  • a small number of specially invited volunteers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

Benefits of Membership

As well as confirming your founder member status, being part of The Bevy will give you:

  • Occasional discounts off promotional products.
  • Regular news updates on our future plans.
  • Attendance at the Swan Clewer CIC AGM.
  • Invitation to a special pre-opening Bevy members event.

Additional benefits will be announced shortly.


The Bevy is still at the egg stage and has yet to hatch. However if you do want contact The Bevy support team, please email us at

Full Terms and conditions of membership of The Bevy will be sent to you when your membership is confirmed.


Black Swan in The Thames, 2017

The English word swan, akin to the German Schwan, Dutch zwaan and Swedish svan, is derived from Indo-European root swen (to sound, to sing).

Young swans are known as swanlings or as cygnets.

An adult male is a cob, from Middle English cobbe (leader of a group). An adult female is a pen.

/ˈbɛvi/ (noun, plural bevies.) Probable origin is from the 15th century, late Middle English bevey. However, the possible origin is from the earlier Anglo-Norman bevee.

Picture of a bevy of swans
  1. A large group of people, especially women or girls, or things of a similar kind.
  2. A large group of a particular kind of bird.
  3. Word for an alcoholic drink in the northern regions of Britain.

A group of swans is called a bevy.