Improvement Suggestions

Thank you to those people who have completed the ‘My idea/thought/suggestion…’ slips and pop these in the box at The Swan. On this page you will find your suggestions and the responses from the team.

Please note that this page is under construction and is currently being integrated with the rest of the website. It will be regularly updated.

Suggestions have been grouped into sections to make it easier for you to find information. Within the sections, suggestions will be time ordeed with the most recent at the top. If you have any suggestions which are not covered here, please feel free to contact us at

When the bar is up and running please can we have soda, lemonade etc on tap, also some sugar free syrups. One the bar is built and the pub fully open, we will fully understand the aart of the possible. We'll update this suggestion at a later date.
More kids drinks! There are a range of soft drinks on offer and, did you know, FREE squash is available for children – just ask the bar staff.
Bottles of non-alcoholic beer. Yes, this is a great idea and once the bigger fridge is in place, this will be an offer we are happy to make. The fridge is on order and due for delivery shortly.
No loud music in the pub – soft background only. As a community pub it is important that we can chat to one another so, yes, by and large this will be the case. Unless there is a specific event, there should never be a case of anyone having to ask to have the music turned down!
Secret DJ There will be an app on a tablet so that people can choose their favourite track from a selection which will then cue up to play so you will be able to listen to your favourite tunes in the pub – quietly of course. When no tunes are selected it will revert to a set playlist.
Please use recyclable/washable plates for the BBQ. Even better, compostable and put them on the allotment. We need to save our planet. Agreed. Sadly, Costco were all out of paper plates when we went – hopefully this week, they’ll have some as we too want to be environmentally friendly.
Table top sale? This type of thing is something we are definitely interested in once the courtyard has more space and the pub is open proper.