Why do we need investment?

We now have the keys and are starting the refurbishment of The Swan. Due to the cost and time required, this will be completed in phases. The first phase will encompass the bar, toilets and the re-instatement of the main hall. Subsequent phases will re-instate the kitchen and then the bedrooms to allow the B&B to operate. Finally, the renovation of the outer buildings that offer a fantastic development opportunity for local small businesses.

What investment is required?

We've have a mortgage from a forward thinking bank specialising in community actions. Also we have Will Calvert and Richard Allen as main business investors. The community have raised £250,000 through a share issue and oher funds through loans and donations. However, finances are still tight and we are still looking to raise a total further funds for the refurbishment so we can open as soon as possible.

Our Community Investment Prospectus

We have now completed the PROSPECTUS which you can access here.

“Putting the heart back into the Community of Clewer” is a bold aim, but as you will have seen at the Volunteering Days, this is very achievable. It lays out the company structure, our values, and the actual share & loan offer. Please take some time to read it.

What are the investment opportunities?

We ask you to consider what you can do further – and also pass on to anyone you know who might do so. Investments can be big or small, whatever you are comfortable with:

As private investors:
All 250 of the Founder Shares have now been allocated. This has raised £250,000 towards the purchase and refurbishment. Thanks to all our investors - this is a magnificent achievement. Individuals making an eligible investment can deduct 30% of it from their income tax liability. More information can be found here: Social Investment Tax Relief.
By making a start-up loan:
If you'd like to contribute less than £1,000 to the project we'd love you to do so - as a loan, which we'll repay with twice that value in goods and services from The Swan pub when funds allow.
Through a charitable donation:
Many have been inspired by the work that The Green Room School, a registered charity, does and how it's an integral part of the community hub at The Swan. If you or your business would like to make a charitable donation directly to the school to support its work at The Swan, the donation can be ring-fenced for that specific purpose. You can also receive Gift Aid, or Corporation Tax relief if done through your business. To make a donation, contact Richard Allen at infoswan@thegreenroomschool.com.

How do I invest?

You can make a contribution by bank transfer to our account, remembering to include your name on the payment reference so we know who you are. Payment should be to:

  • Account name: Swan Clewer Community Interest Company
  • Bank Name: NatWest Bank, 12 High Street, Windsor SL4 1LT
  • Sort code: 60-24-12
  • Account number: 88883833

Richard Douglas is overseeing contributions. Once you have made your investment, please email him at richard.douglas@theswanwindsor.co.uk so that he can merge contact and payment details. He can also answer any questions outside of the FAQs.